PlumbEx Ltd. can provide professional services, construction and maintenance for all types of commercial projects including new retail locations, restaurants, multi-storey apartments, office buildings and more.

The plumbing experts at PlumbEX Ltd. understand how important it is for the plumbing in your commercial building to work properly. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality plumbing services with the least amount of disruption to your business. We will customize a project that works best for your business hours of operation while being respectful to your customers.

We understand that plumbing emergencies such as broken water heaters or leaking water lines can occur at the most inconvenient time for you and your business. For this reason, we provide complete commercial plumbing services for the Barrie area, including emergency water heater replacements, even after hours.

Bringing efficiency and “Green” plumbing technology to commercial properties in Barrie and surrounding areas. PlumbEX Ltd. can minimize your footprint through green plumbing solutions and alternatives.

Our goal is to provide plumbing services that will protect your business and our environment for years to come. We have the training and experience that are required for commercial plumbing repair, integration and new construction. PlumbEX Ltd. handles all steps required for passing inspections and meeting specifications required for commercial plumbing.

If your blueprint involves a big ticket item like a boiler room project for hospitals, schools, large commercial or industrial construction, PlumbEX Ltd. is the company for the job. We have the expertise to make your blueprint a reality. Our plumbing experts are fully trained, qualified and insured to bring any construction project to a successful and timely conclusion.

PlumbEX Ltd. has the experience needed for your next shovel-ready commercial project. We provide many restaurants, retail stores, churches, offices, schools, hotels, and more with initial plumbing and follow-up services.

Contact us with your project and we will handle your inquiry and be able to provide you with a quote or answers to your plumbing needs.

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